Directives from our Department Head:
We have to consider our work already done that is posted on the wiki space as part of what we what to finalize. If we can entrench Key Expectations taken directly from the curriculum document.

BIG IDEAS are determined from the curriculum and contain the essence of the course.

The Rubric is derived from the expectations - English has its own generic rubric.

The success criteria is based on the rubric. Each assignment will determine what your success criteria looks like.

The practical Next Step for us is getting together with teachers who teach the same course or close to the same course (example, the 2L/2P teacher can meet with those teaching 2D).Once you gather, your primary task is to share information and ideas. First order of business is to determine the Key Expectations for each course - taken directly from the curriculum document.

Post the specific expectations that you plan to cover in the course. Match up your assignments that cover those expectations in the second column. This allows for variation in each class in the same course.

For each assignment, post the success criteria. This success criteria will reflect the rubric, but have details that ensure a good outcome for each student.

Culminating Activity: final 30% Evaluation

Some course outlines vary how the 30% varies but it would be good to have a discussion about what constitutes that 30%. This activity will accomplish a few things for us. First, it will help us get ideas that may help our classes, and secondly, it will make consistent the key learnings all students who are enrolled in one course in our department are working to meet. If we could end up with some rubrics that could be consistent throughout one course, it would be even better. I know that already people have issued their assessment instruments but I know the consistency issue is one that will need a few semesters to master. I am sure there will be other benefits, too, from these discussions. Just getting to share observations and get new resources or ideas are great in themselves.

Establish Key Expectations taken directly from the curriculum document for every course
Collaborate on strategies, goals, issues, curriculum, ideas.
Create a culture of success for all students
Design courses and activities based on students needs

Westdale’s Value/Commitment Statements
As a staff we will strive to support our shared vision by:
-Recognizing that student success is influenced by all members of the educational team and working collaboratively to reach consensus and arrive at productive solutions;
-Treating each other with respect and equity, encouraging students, and building positive relationships;
-Collaborating with each other to develop and support curricular and environmental initiatives, school policies, procedures, and related responsibilities and duties;
-Monitoring and revising our Learning Team Action plans to maximize student success;
-Working with system and community resource personnel to assist and support our students as required;
-Being role models of school rules and responsibilities; and
-Engaging in continuous growth and development.

Questions student should be able to answer:

What are you learning today, how do you know?
How will you be assessed/evaluated/marked on this? How do you know what a Level 3 looks like? How do you know what good work looks like?
What do you know about this topic already? Have you been assessed on this (expectation/learning skill) before?
What is your favourite way to learn? Do you get to learn that way (ever/often/sometimes/never) in class?
Do you assess your own learning/product/assignments?
Do you provide feedback to your friends/peers? Explain how and when this happens.
Do you work in groups? Centers? Why?
Do you use pre-assessment tasks at the beginning of a unit? What do they look like?
What do you do when you get an assignment back from the teacher? Does the teacher expect you to improve your work after if has been handed back?
Do you use your friends’ comments to improve your work?
How do you use the material posted in the classroom?
Do you know what the big/most important ideas are for this course?
Do you get to discuss what good work looks like before you begin an assignment? Do you ever create rubrics?
What happens with late/missing assignments?
Do you know your mark and why it is that mark?