· Clowning
· Mask (cross-cultural study)
· Puppetry
· History/contemporary use of mask in different cultures (ie Native, African, Noh, Greek)
· Mime
· Realism Scene study (ie: Glass Menagerie)
· Intro to musical theatre (optional)
· Creating a short film (using music, movement etc)
  • Docudrama/ Collective work based on a theme. (ie: contemporary issue)
· Journals
· Commedia Del'Arte
· Pachinko Clowning

  • Drama Games
  • Collective Creation
  • Reflective Journal writing
  • Performances for each unit
  • Continue with technical theatre
  • Mask Making
  • Dance and Movement
  • Drama for the stage and screen

· Journal Writing
· Student written scenes
· Historical research
· Introduction to script work
· Performance reflections
· Film-making
· Dance and Movement compositions (optional)

Tips for Success in this course

  • A tactile, kinesthetic course.
  • Lots of movement.
  • Heavy in performance work.
  • More writing and reflecting than ADA10.
  • Requires more self-control and analytical skills than ADA10.