· Non-realism: Theatre of the Absurd, Theatre of Cruelty, Brecht
· Prompt Books
· Chekov, Ibsen
· Emotional recall Based on personal philosophy and individual classes
· Stanislavsky
· Internal monologue
· Improvisation activities
Theatre History: Western plays

  • Collective Creation
  • Reflective Journal writing
  • Performances for each unit
  • Build on the foundation of technical theatre established in ADA10 and ADA20. (based on individual classes and availability of
  • equipment)
  • More script work than previous 2 courses.

  • Line memorization
  • Creation of prompt books
  • Acting techniques
  • Journal writing
  • Directing
  • Choreography
  • Performance Focus
  • Film-making

Tips for Success in this course

  • A considerable jump from the ADA20 course in terms of written work expectations, line memorization and incorporating
  • various acting techniques.
  • An academic course.