• Theatre History
  • Acting Theory: Laban, Stanislavski, Chekov, Theatre of the Absurd
  • Children’s Theatre
  • Refinement of acting techniques introduced in ADA3M
  • This will be a focus course in directing.

  • Collective Creation
  • Monologue
  • Audition techniques
  • Reflective Journal writing
  • Group and individual performances.
  • Technical theatre (based on individual classes and availability of equipment)
  • Script work

  • Line memorization
  • Acting techniques
  • Journal writing
  • Directing
  • Choreography
  • Performance Focus
  • Film-making

Tips for Success in this course

  • An academic course
  • Considerable homework in terms of script writing, research and/or line memorization and rehearsing.
  • Strong organizational/time-management skills are helpful due to the director’s focus of this course.