•Historical and contemporary approaches to acting, directing, and play writing;
•Origins and characteristics of musical theatre from a variety of cultures and periods, including the late twentieth century.
•Theories and conventions of specific acting methods/ historical and cultural styles
Ensemble approach
  • Technical theatre
  • Analysis of the personal, social, and cultural impact of musical theatre;
Postsecondary options in musical theatre and in related arts fields.

  • Committee Work (costume, set, props etc)
  • Collective Creation
  • Ensemble approach
  • Self-Reflections
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Set, properties and costume
  • Basic lights and sound
  • Advertising/publicity

  • Broadway style performance for the public.
  • Prompt books
  • Character development/
analysis project.
· Self evaluations
* Rehearsal skills evaluation.

Tips for Success in this course

  • This course culminates in a performance for the public. Although class time functions as rehearsal time, there will be 1 week of
  • mandatory after school rehearsals the week before the performance.
  • There will be 1 day in the semester where the students will rehearse all day.
  • Students should have good time management/organizational skills.