The Creative Process: apply the creative process to create media art works, individually and/or

The Principles of Media Arts: design and produce media art works, applying principles of media
arts and using various elements from contributing arts (dance, drama, music, visual arts);

Using Technologies, Tools, and Techniques: apply traditional and emerging technologies, tools,
and techniques to produce and present media art works for a variety of audiences and purposes.
The Critical Analysis Process: demonstrate an understanding of the critical analysis process by
examining, interpreting, assessing, and reflecting on media art works;

Identity and Values: demonstrate an understanding of how media art works reflect personal and
cultural identity, and affect personal, cultural, and community values and their awareness of those

Connections Beyond the Classroom: demonstrate an understanding of the types of knowledge
and skills developed in media arts and how they can be used outside the media arts classroom.

Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of, and use correct terminology when referring to,
elements, principles, and other concepts relating to media arts;

Contexts and Influences: demonstrate an understanding of the sociocultural and historical contexts
of media arts;

Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of responsible practices associated with
producing, presenting, and experiencing media art works.

Written reflections on their own and others' work;

Presentations of student work;

Use of photo, video, and sound editing software;

Video and Audio Recording.

Students have the opportunity to work in groups on major film projects, where students must create, reflect, analyze, and delegate duties in a dynamic and inclusive environment!