Important Question: Why is Media Art so critically important to our culture, ourselves?

The creative process:

Generate ideas – brainstorming, research, collaboration, inquiry, thinking

Develop a plan – address creative challenges

Produce a work - using research, exploration, input, and reflection

Present using appropriate method – for their work being deliberate

Track their personal/project progress – use this to refine/reflect work

This course emphasizes the refinement of media arts skills through the creation of a thematic body of work by

applying traditional and emerging technologies, tools, and techniques such as multimedia, computer animation,

installation art, and performance art.

The big ideas of this course:
Everyone is creative - how does one tap into and develop that spark
See how art reflects personal or cultural experiences and feelings - develop empathy
Work together - collaborate with peers and community.
Share your work with others and listen to their responses
The Media Arts Program facilitates student development in:
• accepting responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions
• developing skills to become self-directed learners
• setting challenging goals and engaging in self-assessment
• respecting themselves and the rights of others
• learning how to become effective team members participating in decision-making opportunities
• engaging in meaningful problem solving experiences
• actively supporting extra-curricular activities, sports teams, school events, clubs, staff and students
• committing their best effort and taking pride in their achievements and reaching for excellence
• accepting and appreciating the differences in people
• being truthful and honest to themselves and others
• demonstrating compassion and graciousness towards others
• demonstrating generosity and a willingness to help others and one’s community.
The Media Arts Program provides:
• adequate time for learning, collaboration and self-reflection
• learning activities that are global, collaborative, integrated, real world and hands-on
• opportunities to learn in diverse ways according to individual needs
• the creation of a learning environment that is caring and supportive and a climate that encourages self-expression and risk-taking
• attention to emotional development such as initiative, persistence and responsibility
• ongoing communication and interaction that occurs throughout the course
• celebrating and acknowledging student success and achievement

Visit Ms Melnick's classroom site Digitizeme.ca
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Sir Ken Robinson talks about Creativity in the classroom:
Am I right? [Creative people] are not frightened of being wrong. Now, I don't mean to say that being wrong is the same thing as being creative.
What we do know is, if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original. If you're not prepared to be wrong.
And by the time they get to be adults, most kids have lost that capacity. They have become frightened of being wrong. And we run our companies like this, by the way.
We stigmatize mistakes. And we're now running national education systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can make.

This course is based on the student life at Westdale Secondary School. Students in the program photograph and film all events,

sports teams, clubs, fundraisers, assemblies, plays and any points of interest for publication in the school yearbook, Le Raconteur.

The book is full colour and includes a DVD. Students may use this book as a portfolio work.

Students in this class also promote and sell the yearbook, organizing promotional events, sales, contests and producing commercials,

posters and flyers.

Pre-assessment is established with surveys and observation. Students are instructed based on their prior knowledge.


All of our movies are posted on Vimeo. Click the Icon above to go to the channel.
We have an annual Film Festival where films are judge by industry professionals in categories such as short film, documentary and stop frameanimation.
The 5 Hour Film Challenge is held 2x a year and requires the production a movie within strict time constraints and parameters.
Oscar.jpgfilm festival logo.jpg
5hourfilmchallenge jpg.jpg
The Art Achievement Chart is

As the class produces the Westdale Yearbook and accompanying dvd, students must present their
finished yearbook pages, images, and dvd mini documentaries for evaluation and peer assessment. An example ofthe success criteria for a yearbook class is
Here are some samples of student work: