Oral Communication:

  • Using speaking and listening skills and strategies for a variety of purposes.

  • Reflecting on listening and speaking skills and strategies for a variety of purposes.


  • Reading and understanding a variety of texts.

  • Reflecting on strengths and areas for improvement as readers.


  • Generate, gather, and organize ideas and information to write for an intended purpose and audience.

  • Draft, edit, and revise writing.

  • Reflect upon strengths and areas for improvement as writers.

Media Studies:

  • Analyze and create a variety of media texts.

  • Reflect on skills and strategies as creators and consumers of media.

Note to parents:

This course builds on the skills mastered in ENG 1D and prepares the student for university pathway senior level academic English courses.

It helps the students be more effective readers, writers, and communicators in English.

It emphasizes making connections and responding to readings in a variety of ways.

  • Small and large group discussion/ debates/ collaboration.

  • Reading and viewing a variety of texts, silently and aloud.

  • Creative writing prompts.

  • Individual and small group analysis of a variety of texts.


1. Oral presentation

2. Essay

3. Visual response to text

4. Dramatic presentations

5. Creative and reflective writing

6. Tests and quizzes

7. Take-home assignments