• oral presentation skills and strategies
*rhetorical modes and various types of writing
  • expository and persuasive essay writing and analysis dealing with college, the work force, and contemporary values and issues
  • Informational texts, use of graphics, charts, and diagrams, non-fiction, and media designs
  • figurative language devices
  • character analyses and elements of a novel/short story
  • Short Stories: variety + "Harrison Bergeron"
  • Play: "Dracula" from Foundations of English 12
  • Novel and Film Study: Fahrenheit 451
  • Media: Film and/or Docudrama: One of Hunky, SuperSize Me, Bowling for Columbine, Sicko, or Fahrenheit 9/11

group activities

independent research and seatwork


various high yield strategies used daily

film study to supplement reading for visual learners

carousel workshops


journal topics and writing

class discussions

  1. Quotable Quotations -- analysis and writing assignment
  2. Persuasive Essay based on personal choice
  3. Presentation: Essay analysis
  4. Rhetorical Modes/Essay Unit Test
  5. Informational Texts Unit Test
  6. Procedure Manual/Brochure using Microsoft Publisher
  7. Argumentative Essay
  8. Character Analysis Collage
  9. Variety of short quizzes
  10. Set Design/Illustration based on Dracula
  11. Culminating Research Project (subject varies) OR Biography Reading and Analysis Assignment