Survey of literature of various ages and eras from Old English to present day. Includes focus on such recognized literature

and authors as Beowulf, Chaucer's Tales, Milton's Paradise Lost, Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Austen's Pride and Prejudice etc.

Students will learn to recognize and discuss key characteristics of each age, to distinguish between them and to recognize



notetaking, reviewing, test-taking, presenting

reading, recognizing, clarifying new information

applying, dramatizing, analysing, synthesizing, evaluating,

debating, creating


course assignments are frequently done in class -- they include collaborative assignments and independent assignments:

written, oral, dramatic and concrete creations of original media works and copies of classical forms

culminating activities involve a choice between 1) a grand project: which is synthesis of material and ideas involving key

learnings from this and other courses, 2) a recreation of a textbook chapter, and 3) the selection and defense of a "definitive

piece of literature" for a given era

* note to students and parents: this is a rigorous university-bound course but it is not a prerequisite for any university program

-- to ease the burden, the focus is on in-class activities and not on homework assignments -- and therefore attendance is critical

to success