Investigating the Writer's Craft

analyze and assess techniques, diction, voice, and style over a range of written forms

Practicing the Writer's Craft

produce writing for a range of purposes and audience

well-developed content and appropriate forms, techniques, diction, voice, and style

Assessing the Writer's Craft

assess their own and others' work

assess the creative choices made by themselves and others

explore different writing careers

use group skills effectively in assessment

  • journalling

  • small and large group discussions

  • writer's groups

  • editing and revising

  • writing from prompts

  • reading and viewing different texts

  • article writing

  • poetry writing

  • direct instruction of required writing skills

  • establish standards for analysis of text

  • interpret texts

  • guest speakers

  • readings of original work

  • collaborative writing


1. Children's Literature Assignment

2. Student-Led Writing Prompt Assignment

3. Writers on Writing Assignment

4. Poetry Assignment

5. Writer's Workshops

6. Book/movie/video game reviews

7. Culminating Assignment -Magnum Opus portfolio- demonstrates individual development of the craft of writing over the semester.